A History of Success

Konstantine Kyros is the managing partner of Kyros Law. For nearly 20 years, Mr. Kyros has been fighting for his clients both in and out of court, zealously advocating for justice for injured workers and consumers.

Mr. Kyros works diligently every day to make sure that his clients receive the best representation possible, are treated fairly and compensated for their injuries.

Mr. Kyros has represented injured consumers and workers throughout the United States in a wide variety of cases. Often these cases were originally viewed by other law firms as being “too hard” or “too big” but Mr. Kyros continues to investigate and prosecute difficult cases. He represents hundreds of NFL football players in the concussion lawsuit and has brought similar claims on behalf of many WWE wrestlers who claim they were seriously injured by their employers’ negligence. He represents whistleblowers who put their lives and reputations at risk to report fraud at large publicly traded companies and has recovered large awards for their efforts. He represents large and small investors, often retirees who have been defrauded by corporations and brokerages that steal their live savings and has recouped millions of dollars. He represents hundreds of people injured or killed by large drug companies that inadequately test their product and fail to warn about dangerous side effects.

As a pioneer in the legal services marketing industry, he has created web based consumer platforms connecting hundreds of thousands of consumers with law firms since 1996 which has generated and estimated $700 million for his clients in pharmaceutical, insurance, worker injury, asbestos, investor loss and whistleblower settlements.

Mr. Kyros is committed to providing all of his clients with access to justice and making sure the “little guy” is able to have their day in court against large corporations that ruin lives, steal from consumers and kill and injure people through negligence and misconduct.

Kyros Law Executive team