About Kyros Law

Headed by legal industry veteran Konstantine William Kyros, our law firm aggressively pursues corporate wrongdoing on behalf of investors, taxpayers and injured or defrauded consumers. We also represent Whistleblowers in all fields.

A History of Success

Our lawyers have recovered over 500 million dollars for our clients in the past decade.

An Industry Leader

Our lawyers maintain contacts throughout the United States legal community with many of the largest and most prestigious firms in the country, for whom we often act as co-counsel on actions that Kyros Law originates, develops cases and locates plaintiffs.

Additionally our firm has relationships with lawyers and consultants around the world in Europe, Asia and Africa.

A History of Innovation

Our law firm develops innovative practice areas, exploring new ideas and testing new legal theories as they apply to each of our client’s circumstances. Our knowledge of the fields in which we practice is comprehensive and we constantly seek the latest information in the development of our claims.

Kyros Law is among the first law firms in the United States to represent whistleblowers under the SEC expanded bounty provisions and to have filed private actions under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

Our class action practice is extremely active and we have filed lawsuits on behalf of consumers and investors defrauded throughout the United States.